What’s happening… June 9th edition

I may sound like a broken record but I want to again thank all of you for hanging in there. Your continued patience is really appreciated.

We’re Batting 1000!

I am happy to share that the entire Wedgwood Pool staff is 100% vaccinated!

Reservations Ending 6/18

We expect that guidelines from the state will be a moving target over the next couple of weeks but as we wait to see what those may entail, we feel we’re ready to start moving further along with our return to more normal operations within the currently published phase 3 guidelines.

Starting on Saturday, June 19th we will no longer be using the reservations system for booking swims. We will revert back to our pre-pandemic schedule. This means you will just be able to come on down to the pool. Our hope is that as we head into our full-time summer schedule there will be enough hours in the day where the pool shouldn’t get too crowded, but we also need to be prepared for that too. So, while we gain a bit of normalcy and the spontaneity of just dropping in, there is also the possibility that on particularly hot and sunny days we may get kind of crowded. While we don’t think that’s likely to happen all that frequently, we’re not completely sure that it won’t. If that does end up being the case, we may need to implement some sort of system so that everyone will be able to enjoy themselves. Perhaps first in first out, or asking people to limit their pool time during high periods of usage. We’re still figuring this out.

Not having reservations will also make for a very different lap swimming experience. Sharing lanes as we did prior to COVID will be the norm. Look for a refresher on lap lane etiquette next week.

Here’s a link to our calendar and schedule. Please note that the published schedule is subject to change.  http://wwpool.org/build2014/calendar/

  • We still will not be allowing guests, but will monitor and revisit down the road.

  • Bathroom, locker room, and shower policies will remain the same for now.

  • Please continue to wear a mask when you are inside the building. Thank you.

More details to come!

Cancelling Swims

We know that sometimes things happen and plans change. It is very unfortunate though when we have no shows. Until we no longer are using reservations, please remember to cancel your swims!

Sad News

On May 30th,  longtime member Dave Newton passed away. There will be a memorial later this summer or early fall and when I know more I will pass that information along. He will truly be missed.

Group Swim Lessons – Last Call

If you are interested in getting your kid(s) signed up for the first session of lessons you should do so no later than this Friday! On Saturday morning we will open up our registration to non-members and we expect our program will fill up.  Questions? Email Julie at: wwlessoncoordinator@gmail.com

The Wedgwood Internship

The internship was started in 2013 as a way to provide both training and experience for individuals interested in learning about working at Wedgwood Swim Pool. However, we believe that the skills and competencies learned can be applied to numerous employment opportunities beyond Wedgwood Swim Pool.

Interns will have a variety of opportunities and experiences to assist staff during shifts or events:

●  Internship Meetings: opportunities to learn practical skills from Wedgwood Staff Members, to ask questions about the specifics of working at Wedgwood Swim Pool and receive training similar to the Wedgwood Staff

●  Online learning: access to presentations, videos and training materials used to prepare Wedgwood lifeguards and instructors

●  Job Shadowing: gain experience while volunteering with Wedgwood Staff members during:

o   Swim Lessons, Lifeguarding, and Maintenance

o   NOTE: Volunteering for lessons can be used for community service hour requirements. 

o   During all experiences, interns will be assisting certified employees of Wedgwood Swim Pool. They will never have the sole responsibility of providing instruction or supervision as an intern.

If you are interested in participating, please complete and sign the attached form and return it to Wedgwood Swim Pool and ask the staff to place the form in Chris Matsumoto’s box or scan and email to chris.mats@gmail.com by 6/28/21.

Link to form here.