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From the manager

Today is the first day of the rest of your swim season…

We’ve already had our first pool contamination closure this season and I did mention last week that I would be touching base on the 5 B’s, perhaps I’m just a tad late but my guess is we’ll run into these again at some time this summer.

“B” Aware!
Help us to keep the pool clean and safe to swim in by following the pool rules and by being specifically aware of the following:

  • Bowel Movements

Small children will occasionally use the pool as a bathroom.  You can help by having your child use the bathroom prior to entering the pool and encouraging periodic bathroom breaks/diaper checks.  Also if your child is on a regular schedule so to speak, like mine were, I knew that being in the pool around that particular time was not a good idea. Children who are not yet toilet trained must wear a swim diaper that will contain potential contaminants.  Cloth and disposable diapers just don’t work in the water.  People with diarrhea must not go into the water.  Up comes the next “B”,

  • Barf

This “B” can also have a large impact on water quality and is the second most common reason for closing the pool.
Young children will sometimes swallow large amounts of pool water, occasionally resulting in spontaneous regurgitation.  Please watch your children – especially the young ones – very carefully, and take the time to educate them about not drinking while in the pool.

  • Blood

Though rare, incidents involving blood have the potential to close some part of the facility until the affected area has been cleaned up and sanitized.  If you or your children sustain an injury that is bleeding and/or requires first aid please come to the office for assistance.  That leads nicely into the next “B”,

  • Band-Aids

For many years now we have mounted a hard fought campaign against Band-Aids in the pool.  One reason is that if the wound underneath really warrants a Band-Aid, the swimmer should probably not be in the pool anyway.  Additionally, Band-Aids inevitably come off and end up in the pool and or lying on the deck.  Please remember to remove Band-Aids before getting into the pool and if you find yourself already in the water peeling one off, please just slip it into one of the slots in the gutter where it will be gone for good.  Finally our fifth “B”

  • Body Lotion

Sunscreen and water don’t mix.  When applying sunscreens remember to really be effective, most sunscreens need to be applied on dry skin at least 15 minutes prior to getting in the pool.  Please do not goop yourself or your children up and jump right into the pool.  This will be a tremendous help in preventing our filtration system from becoming prematurely clogged and a ring from forming around the pool.  Yes this really does happen.

Wrapping this up, besides being a health department requirement, it goes without saying that taking a shower goes a long way to keeping the quality of our Wedgwood water as clean as possible.  The pool staff is working on tightening up compliance with showering and your efforts toward taking a cleansing shower before entering the pool are appreciated by all those using the pool.  Thank you!

I also did want to touch base briefly on parties and rentals.  Having and hosting a party is a privilege of membership.  Basically that means you must be a pool member in order to have a party at the pool and the member(s) hosting the party must be in attendance at the party as well.   Parties are for 6 to 12 people and must be arranged through the pool office.  Held during regular open hours, the cost is $3.50 per guest, and does not count against the family’s 20-guest allotment.  We encourage you to make your party reservation in advance and only book one party at a time so planning ahead is always a good idea. If prior arrangements are not made, party-goers will be counted as regular pool guests.

If you have a larger group or were thinking you would like the entire facility to your group a would be the best option.  The pool is also available for rent when not regularly open on Friday and Saturday nights and on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We are also able to accommodate groups at the beginning of the season on weekdays before the pool opens during the day.  Pool rentals are only available to members and we can accommodate groups up to 75 people.  Rates and times vary; contact the office if you are interested in finding out more.


I’m still working on the internet thing.  We hit a bit of a snag with our existing conduit to the building and now are exploring other options for bringing the line to the building.  I will keep you posted.

See you poolside…