Ready or Not…

Here we are on the cusp of a whole new, old way, of visiting the pool and what do you know, summer is knocking at the door!

While we make the shift to our full time summer schedule this weekend we’re likely to still be in phase 3 for a little bit longer so we will still need to monitor how many people are in the pool at one time. The current weather forecast may test that limit. What is the maximum occupancy? That’s an interesting question and has been much discussed and debated, but the number that we arrived at was 62.5, which is exactly half of our pre-pandemic in the water pool capacity. We’re going to round that number down by half a person, and without guests, I’m feeling pretty good about the capacity on most days, but the new found freedom to come down anytime without a reservation, along with the really nice weather all at once… we just want you to be ready for what will happen if we do reach capacity.

If our capacity in the pool is 62, we know that we can accommodate more people on the grass and deck as well. We have determined that allowing 90 people into the facility at any one time will allow us to stay under our actual in-water capacity, with very rarely having to turn people away.

Now there may be times when we will push close to these limits or even get to the point where we reach maximum capacity in the water (62 swimmers). In these instances, we will make an announcement and let anyone on the deck know that no other swimmers can enter the pool until other swimmers exit the water. If we reach our capacity for the facility (90 people), we will need to close the doors and only allow members to enter the facility once other members leave. We hope that if either of these situations occur, we can count on the membership to consider everyone’s ability to enjoy the pool. We need members to consider making room for others if they have already been swimming and enjoying the facility for a few hours. We will all get through this together and that is one of the best aspects of this community. We take care of each other. 

We ask that over the next several days that you plan accordingly as well. There will be times, let’s call it prime time, from about 3-7pm, where the facility will likely be the most crowded. If you are able to plan your day around those hours it would be very helpful. We know that the first and last couple of hours at the pool are typically the slowest and it would be nice to spread out pool usage. One other thing, if it’s particularly hot weather, and it’s prime time, you may want to call the pool to check and see what the numbers look like prior to coming down, the number is 206-523-8211.

  • In the water capacity 62 – Reach maximum, no swimmers can enter the pool until other swimmers exit the water.

  • In the facility capacity 90 – Reach maximum, only allow members to enter the facility once other members leave.

  • Prime time typically 3-7pm

  • Pool phone: 206-523-08211

Thank you for your continued support and understanding, we’re almost to the point where we can just not worry about any of this anymore.

Checking In
Starting Saturday we will be reverting to our old sign-in system. We will have hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes available next to the keyboard. If you are comfortable signing yourself in, please feel free to do so. If you would like a staff member to do it for you, we are happy to assist. 

Remember that each one of you has been manually entered into the system, or at least that was our goal. Every year we have a few glitches with names in the system and I suspect that will again be the case. Sometimes it is a data entry issue, a typo. Other times it’s the Rob, Bob, Robert or Jennifer, Jenny type of issue.  Keep in mind that our system only recognizes a name exactly how it was entered, so whatever you provided us with when you joined the pool is what is in the system.  If you cannot remember if you were a Mike or a Michael, we do have a book on file where we have all the names listed and can look it up.  Names can also be changed, please just leave a note with the desired changes along with the family name that the membership is under.  We’ll make the change as soon as possible.

Masking up and Distancing
For the time being we ask that you continue to wear a mask while inside any part of the building and to continue to maintain your social distance between yourself and others on the deck and in the pool regardless of your vaccination status and be aware that many in our community are not yet eligible for their vaccinations. 

Locker Rooms/Showers
The locker rooms and lockers are open however capacity will remain limited to 5 people until our current guidelines change. Bathrooms are open to all. Some showers are now open inside and are for fully vaccinated individuals. Note: Swim team participants should not be using the locker rooms for anything other than using the bathroom and/or washing hands.

Not just yet. When that time comes we will likely start with house guests, which would be the people that are actually visiting and staying with you at your home. After that we may do something where guests would be permitted during non-peak, non-prime time periods.

It’s looking like we will get our water aerobics up and running again in early July. Look for more information on that soon.

Adult Team
At this time there has not been a determination as to whether there will be an adult meet this year. While our adult team proved to be very popular in the past, we’re also not sure about cramming 8 or 9 swimmers into lanes just yet. For the time being we have decided the most prudent use of what was the adult team practice slot would be to utilize that time for more adult lap swimming opportunities. Look for adult laps Monday – Thursday from 8-9pm. 

BBQ’s, Picnic Tables…
We are ready to go with the BBQ’s and picnic tables. There are several of both spread out on the upper deck with one more additional of each on the “south beach”. These are available on a first come first serve basis. We ask that food and eating remain either on the upper deck and/or on the grass. This would include not just eating meals but snacking as well. The multi-purpose room will remain closed.

Please also remember that we don’t allow glass containers in the facility and that we are a “dry” club, alcohol is not permitted.

Sharing those Lanes
Time for a refresher on lap swimming! We are now at a point where you will likely be sharing a lane with more than one person. We will be labeling the lanes as slow, medium and fast, and we have given a lot of thought as to how to go about this when we have 6 lanes in the pool. 

Upon your first visit to the pool for an adult lap swim or early morning laps you will find lanes 1 and 2 both labeled as “slow”, 3 and 4 as “medium” and 5 and 6 as “fast”. Think of it as the lane number increases so does the speed. Lane 1 would be the slowest lane and lane 6 the fastest. Those are the easiest designations. It gets trickier in lanes 2 through 5. Keep in mind though that these are all relative speeds. Again, lap swimming is an activity where we are counting on the membership to be thoughtful and considerate so that everyone can exercise and stay safe. If you find yourself getting passed by multiple swimmers, consider moving to a slower lane. If you find yourself passing several swimmers, consider moving to a faster lane. 


  • Swim counterclockwise, staying to the right of the center of the line.

  • Turn in the middle of the lane at the wall and then move to the right.

  • Make sure you are in the correct lane.

  • If you are lapping people in the slower lane, consider moving to the faster lane.

  • If you are being lapped in the faster lane, consider moving to the slower lane.

  • Tap the toes of the swimmer in front of you if you would like to pass that person.

  • Understand that a toe tap is okay and allow that swimmer to move ahead of you.

  • If your toes have been tapped, stop at the wall and let that person pass.  If you are the tapper, make sure there is a large gap between you and the next swimmer.  Sometimes people can only go as fast as the person in front of them.

  • Leave the appropriate space between you and the swimmer in front of you, don’t push off the wall right before someone turns and don’t swim right on heels of others.

  • If you must pull over or sit out a lap, move to the right side of the lane on the wall into the corner, so that you are out of the way of swimmers turning.

  • Be aware where others are doing in your lane.

See you at the pool! -Raab


Early Morning Laps – Mon-Fri Mornings
Ages 16 and up. Six lap lanes available in the east-west (25yrds), lane 7 and 8 area will also be available for walking and/or swimming.

Adult Laps – Sat and Sun Mornings
Ages 16 and up. Six lap lanes available in the east-west (25yrds),lane 7 and 8 area will also be available for walking and/or swimming. 

Adult Open Laps – Mon-Thur Nights
Ages 14 and up. Six lap lanes available in the east-west (25yrds), the rest of the pool will remain open for Open Swim.

Open Swim – 7 days a week
Pool open to all ages. Two available Adult Lap (ages 16+) swimming lanes in north – south configuration (25 meters). Please note that M-Th, 8-9pm the lane configuration will change from 2 lanes north – south to 6 lanes east-west.

Family Swim – Weekdays 5:30-7:30
This is a quieter time at the club, perfect for families with small children.  Keep in mind that those swimmers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult family member during the Family Swim time.  Entire pool open, two lap lanes in 25 meter north – south configuration.

Saturday, June 19th

  • Adult Laps 11am-12pm
  • Open Swim 12:15-9pm

Sunday, June 20th
Happy Fathers Day!

  • Adult Laps 11am-12pm
  • Open Swim 12:15-9pm

Monday, June 21st

  • Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7am
  • First day of morning team practice

15-18s: 7-8am
13-14s: 8-8:50am
11-12s: 8:50-9:35am
9-10s: 9:35-10:15am
8&u: 10:15-10:45am

  • Open Swim 1:15-9pm
  • Family Swim 5:30-7pm
  • Adult Open Laps 8-9pm

Tuesday, June 22nd

  • Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7am
  • Open Swim 1:15-9pm
  • Family Swim 5:30-7pm
  • Adult Open Laps 8-9pm

Wednesday, June 23rd

  • Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7am
  • Open Swim 1:15-9pm
  • Family Swim 5:30-7pm
  • Adult Open Laps 8-9pm

Thursday, June 24th

  • Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7am
  • Open Swim 1:15-9pm
  • Family Swim 5:30-7pm
  • Adult Open Laps 8-9pm

Friday, June 25th
Happy Anniversary Erika!

  • Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7am
  • Open Swim 1:15-9pm
  • Family Swim 5:30-7pm

Saturday, June 26th

  • Adult Laps 11am-12pm
  • Open Swim 12:15-9pm

Sunday, June 27th

  • Adult Laps 11am-12pm
  • Open Swim 12:15-9pm