Lesson Information

Updated information for WW lessons- 2021 (updated 8/18)

We are no longer taking new non-member private lessons for this season.

We are excited to be able to offer group swim lessons for summer, 2021. However, these lessons will be offered on a much smaller scale than usual, due to Covid-19 restrictions. We appreciate your patience as we have been preparing to safely re-open our lesson program. 

At this point we are planning to offer lessons for levels Preschool 1 through Intermediate 3. We will NOT be able to offer Preschool 1  at this time due to covid restrictions. If you are not sure what level your child is, please email wwlessoncoordinator@gmail.com or fill out this questionnaire. 

In order to accommodate more families, we are offering 3 week sessions with classes two days per week (Your child can either enroll in classes on Monday/Wednesday or on Tuesday/Thursday) 

There will be 3 sessions during the summer. Lessons will be offered in 2 cohorts and swimmers will either attend classes on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Sessions will be three weeks long. 

  • Session 1: June 21st – July 9th
  • Session 2: July 12th – July 30th
  • Session 3: August 2nd- August 20th

The lessons will be offered in 30 minute increments.

3rd Session Morning Lesson Schedule: M/W T/Th

  • 9:30am – 10am
  • 10am-10:30am
  • 10:45am-11:15am
  • 11:15am-11:45am

Due to covid restrictions, class sizes will be smaller than normal. Class size may increase as we receive updated guidelines from the CDC. We will be following the CDC recommended guidelines for swim classes. Students will be socially distant during classes and the instructors will follow CDC guidance for PPE. 

2021 Group lesson prices:

Non-member group lessons: $72 (for 6 classes)
Member group lessons: $42 (for 6 classes)

Registration Dates for 3 week sessions:



Non-Members Currently Enrolled

Non-Members Not Currently Enrolled

 1 A/B Sat., June 5th @ 9am Sat., June 12th @ 9am * Sat., June 19th @ 9am
 2 A/B Tues., July 6th @ 9:45am Wed., July 7th @ 9:45am Thur., July 8th @ 9:45am
 3 A/B Tues., July 27th @ 9:45am Wed., July 28th @ 9:45am Thur., July 29th @ 9:45am
*REGISTRATION NOTE: Non-Member families who were enrolled in lessons during session 4 in 2019, have currently enrolled status for session 1 this year.


We are no longer taking new non-member private lessons for this season.

Private lessons:

We will be able to offer private lessons on a limited basis this summer, due to limited pool space per Covid-19 restrictions. If you are interested in private lessons, please email our lesson coordinator wwlessoncoordinator@gmail.com


Private lesson prices: 

Non-member private lessons: $45-$49
Non-member semi-private lessons: $60-$64
Member private lessons:  $30-$34
Member semi-private lesson:  $41-$43