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This week at the double dub…

Hello Wedgwood!

As I sit at the pool on this almost 90 degree-day, the sounds of this summer are very different and it seems so very strange. Change is on the horizon though as we will be adding family swimming to the mix starting next weekend. We know many of you have been looking forward to this for a very long time and we appreciate your patience as we sought permission from King County and the State of Washington.

This new schedule will begin to be implemented August 1st, and be fully in effect August 5th, after swim team has concluded. The Omnify system will go live with all of these revisions starting on Monday, July 27th at 9am.

This will likely be the schedule moving forward, at least for the next few weeks, but we will be monitoring and adjusting as necessary. Please keep in mind that these changes have been developed to provide as much opportunity to as many members as possible.

So what’s new in this schedule?  First, after submitting our plans for Family Swim to the state, we are pleased to be able to provide opportunities beyond lap swimming. This will look nothing like the “open” Family Swim time of past seasons, and still must be controlled and regulated in order to meet current Public Health Guidance. We will have the opportunity for families, especially with younger ones, to finally take a dip in the pool. If you would like to add family members to your omnify account, email Julie and she will add them for you (more information on this at the end of the email).

The Family Swim time will allow for two household groups to reserve a designated section of the pool in the baby end and shallow end. The state guidelines require that we limit each group to five people. Similar to the way we initially restricted lap swimming, there will be a cap of one Family Swim reservation per week per family, with one more additional “day of” swim per week as availability permits. The system will not restrict this but we will be monitoring reservations and cancelling swims if needed.

We also require that you adhere to our double diaper policy if you are bringing a child that is not completely potty trained. Any situation where the pool would have to close because of an AFR (accidental fecal release) would create a big mess both figuratively and literally. Please be well prepared ahead of time and have both a swim diaper and diaper cover before coming to the pool as we are not selling them out of the office this year.

Families with kids may bring their own pool toys with them; however, inner tubes, air mattresses, floaties and noodles will not be permitted. Please keep the toys small and the number to a minimum. If you have any question as to whether or not a toy is appropriate don’t hesitate to ask. All toys need to remain in your family’s reservation area and be taken home when you leave.

The Open Lap Swim will be provided at the same time as the Family Swim. There will be 6 lap lanes in the south end of the pool and one walking lane (lane 7). We felt we needed to keep the 8th lane empty as a buffer for maintaining social distancing. Both the shorter lanes (7 & 8) will still be available at Adult Lap times.

This Open Lap Swim during Family Swims will not have the age restriction currently in place for Adult Lap swim. While anyone may still sign up for these times, we will continue to allow only one swimmer per lane in accordance with Public Health guidelines. Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards continuously and all swimmers 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult who sits at the end of the lane, wearing a mask, during the swim. Chairs will be provided.

Adult Lap Swim remains unchanged. It is still designated as 16 and up, one swimmer per lane with six full lanes and two walking lanes.

Members may continue to reserve two swims per week across Open and Adult Lap Swim as well as sign up for “day of” as availability permits.

If you have not yet visited the pool this season please keep in mind the following:

  • Wearing a mask at the pool when you are not in the water is REQUIRED (Children 5 and under are not required to wear a mask).

  • Maintaining social distance at the facility at all times is imperative.

  • Swim reservations start and end promptly on schedule. You need to be on your way out the door at the end of your swim time so that we have time to sanitize prior to the next reservation time.

  • To maximize opportunities for members, lessons, private lessons, guests, parties and rentals have been suspended for the season.

  • Locker rooms are only available for restroom and handwashing use (Plan on arriving and leaving in your suit).

  • Outdoor showers are available (we have 3).

  • Flippers, and pull buoys will not be provided, you may bring your own.

  • The diving board, basketball hoop, pool toys, goggle box, and Ping-Pong Table are not available.

  • The water fountains are closed, but the bottle filler is operational.

  • Chairs, lounges, the grills, and tables are not accessible.

  • The upper deck is closed.


We know this is a lot of information and to help navigate this we have developed the following charts and diagrams.

Thank you for your continued support, cooperation and understanding with all this craziness!


Family Swim – Pool Configuration




We are sharing this again as many people still seem unaware but we have had some issues with members adding their own family members on Omnify. You will need to contact Julie if you want to add family members to your account. A reminder that only individuals living in your household can be added as family members to your account. 

To add a family member to your account email Julie the name(s) of the family member(s) you would like to add to your account.

WW Omnify Reservation Site: Here is the link that will take you directly to the scheduling page on omnify:!/schedules/\

One request, with such a limited number of swims available please remember to cancel your swim if you won’t be showing up. If you don’t know how to cancel and/or have any questions about reservation issues that come up please contact Julie!

Julie Lockhart
Swim reservation manager
Wedgwood Swim Club

This week at WW – July 19th edition

Hello Wedgwood Swim Club Members,

The pool has been in operation now for about a month and we have been monitoring and receiving feedback about how things are going. I would like to convey a great deal of appreciation for your continued patience as we figure things out and try to make the best of this situation. 

We know that many of you would like more reasonable access to signing up for more swimming opportunities without having to go through the day-of, 12:01am thing. This has been especially problematic for people that are still keeping a normal work schedule. Please know that we have been and continue to push Omnify to get that time changed to something more reasonable.

We have been considering a number of changes including expanded hours and limiting the number of total swims per week.

Effective today, we are making a change in the number of reservations per person, per week, so that you will be able to reserve two swims per week instead of just the one. While this will certainly be taking away some of the day of opportunity, our hope is that this will allow more members to have access to an additional swim during the week. We will of course be monitoring this change and adjust as necessary or if needed.

Additional swim times have been added this coming week and we anticipate that in couple of weeks, when the swim team season wraps up, that we will have more available pool time to work with as well.

Currently it looks like other than the changes mentioned above, our operations will continue to be the same unless new guidance comes our way. Let’s hope we can at least maintain where we are with that regard. 

I do have a reminder for our swim team kids. Wear your mask to the pool! We’ve had a run on our limited supply and we need you to remember to bring your mask when you come to practice!

Stay well, stay safe.



This week at WW – July 13th edition

Hello again. I hope this finds you all in good health and doing well.

At this point, I was hoping for some more guidance from King County as to whether or not we would be able to add family swimming to our schedule. Unfortunately, I heard back from the county this morning and was instructed to continue operations as we are until told otherwise.

As we wait for updates and continue to look for ways to provide opportunities for the membership to use the pool, we are making adjustments to our procedures in order to make sure we can continue to provide a safe experience for all swimmers and staff. We have received a lot of positive feedback about adding our two walking lanes (lanes 7 & 8) in the last week. Moving forward, we will be keeping one lane empty between the walking lanes and the lap swim lanes in order to improve social distancing. We are also asking all swimmers/walkers to either refrain from conversing while in the walking lanes or to wear a mask if you intend to socialize while walking in the lanes. We are happy to provide a mask for this purpose.

We had the heath inspector stop by this past week and he seemed very happy with both our planning and effort in regard to our COVID operations. A big shout out to all of you that have been coming swimming and doing a great job of making all of this work so well!

The health inspector did note that taking a quick soap shower before entering the pool is the one thing we could improve upon. By doing this we will not only help maintain a higher level of water quality while using less chemicals, but we’ll also keep our brand new filtration system functioning at its peak for many years to come. Now we are aware that the showers can sometimes be a bit chilly, and while we do our best to have them be warm at the beginning of each swim, with such limited usage this has sometimes been a challenge. Please try your best to get that shower in though. Thanks!

Just a few things regarding Omnify and the reservation system to touch base on.

Remember you may only swim under a reservation with your name on it. Please do not book a swim for your spouse, partner, or child and then show up in their place. When checking in we will be asking for your first and last name, please make sure that you are indeed the one that is supposed to be swimming. 

We have had some issues with members adding their own family members on Omnify. Moving forward, you will need to contact Julie if you want to add family members to your account. A reminder that only individuals living in your household can be added as family members to your account.

To add a family member to your account email Julie at: with the following information:

  1. Name of family member

  2. Email for the family member (This could be the same as your email)

1 swim per day policy: There has been some confusion around how many times you can swim per day. Each member is allowed 1 swim per day. This is to allow for as many people to have access to swims as possible. We appreciate your understanding.

WW Omnify Reservations: There has been some confusion about how to access the Omnify reservation website, here is the link that will take you directly to the scheduling page:!/schedules/\

For any questions about the reservation system contact:

Julie Lockhart
(252) 628 – 9620


Stay well, and thanks for wearing that mask!

This week at WW

Hello and happy Sunday. It is Sunday, right?
First off I would like to extend a huge thank you! You have been extremely helpful and cooperative with all the policy and procedural changes we’ve been throwing at you. As we move into this week this will be continue to be important as we are making some changes to open up a couple of more spots at each swim, as well as adding our seniors and near neighbor members into the mix.
A friendly reminder, swim sessions are 45 minutes long and you should be on your way out the door at that time. This allows time for the staff to adequately disinfect prior to the next swim session, helping us keep everyone safe. Please also remember that locker rooms are for bathroom use and hand washing only.

Starting this week we will be adding a 7th and 8th lane to each swim time. These two lanes are shorter in length, about half the full lane, and the water is approximately 4 feet in depth the entire length as well. While one could certainly swim in these lanes, our intent is that these lanes be for those that would rather walk in the water than swim. We do anticipate some mix-ups where people think they have signed up for a longer lane, so please pay attention to the description for these particular lanes when making your reservation. 

Still no word or update on any new guidelines from the state or county. We continue to work on planning for that eventuality though, so if/when we get word, we will be able to implement new swimming options as quickly as possible.

Stay well and thanks for wearing that mask!