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February News

*As we move closer to the swim season please read the messages below from Pool Membership, Landscape and Management.

Membership:Your annual Dues Statements have been mailed – if you have not yet received your Statement for 2018, please contact Membership at immediately.

Reminder: the Due Date for Dues Payment is March 1, 2018.   Any payments or status change requests made after March 1, 2018, will be subject to a $100 late fee; payments received after April 1st 2018 will be subject to a $250.00 late fee.  Please return your dues/fee statement or status change request form with your payment.  This ensures correct correlation of payment with household.

Limited Offer :  until March 1st, 2018  The amount of transferor fees received upon sale of you membership will be doubled.  (Instead of the typical $650 transferor fee, you will receive $1,300 for a membership sale occurring during this limited time frame).

Good news:  The Full Member dues did not increase this year; therefore, dues and fees remain the same as 2017.

Payment options:  You can now use PayPal to pay your dues/fees.  Your statement reflects your payment total if you use PayPal, with the addition of their fees.  As always, you can pay using a check/money order.
Household Members (full members) and Eligible Designees (Senior Swimmers): All listed under these groups must adhere to the by-laws definition of:

  1. Resides as a full-time household member in the home of owner member; or
  2. Is a child of the owner member and is 26 years of age or younger, regardless of residence. Note:  if their birthdate is 1991 or earlier, they can ONLY be listed if they reside in your residence full time.
Molly Martin


This year our annual landscape event will be held on Saturday May 5 from 10am to 4pm. The time commitment is 3 hours per family.

A few changes this year:

  1. The big landscape projects are done.  We have weeding, raking, and sweeping to be done – not glamorous, but necessary. Please bring buckets, weeding tools, rakes etc.
  2. Very Important, Check-in time will be from 10am to 1pm ONLY. I know scheduling for families is difficult, last year many folks came at the end of the day and there was nothing to do. I don’t want to waste your day. As a result, sign-in cutoff will be1pm.
  3. This plan is a firm at this time-but if needs dictate and we are able to schedule another landscape party you will be notified via the WW Pool Newsletter. So please keep current on emails from the pool, and spread the word about landscape party.

Stephen Ramaley

Pool Manager:

Wedgwood Swim Pool has always been a strong community. As managers, our job is to make decisions to best meet the needs of all those who enjoy Wedgwood pool.  As the community changes, we must be prepared to adjust the operations of the pool.  Over the past several years, we have identified new needs for lap swimmers, water aerobics participants, swim team members, and community members participating in the lesson program.  While we have been able to make minor adjustments to better accommodate certain groups, we feel the time has come to make more significant changes to pool schedules to better meet the needs of the Wedgwood community.

After consulting with the swim coaches, lesson coordinator and the board we have developed a New Schedule for Swim Team Practice.  The new schedule has taken into account feedback from families over the past few years, as well as addressing issues identified by the coaching staff.  We believe the changes will better support the growth and development of the Wedgwood swimmers.

Early Season Evening Practices:
6-6:30PM = 8 years and under
6:30-7:10PM = 9-10 year olds
7:10-8:00PM = 11-12 year olds
8:00-9:00PM = 13 years & Up
Summer Morning Practices:
7:00-7:30AM = 15 & up (lanes 1 & 2 practice for swimmers who have jobs)
7:30-9:00AM = 13 years & Up
9:00-9:30AM = 8 years and under
9:30-10:15AM = 9-10 year olds
10:15-11:00AM = 11-12 year olds

We will also be making changes to lap swim and the lesson program which will be announced in the coming weeks.  These adjustments also reflect the changing needs of our community.  We realize that any change has an impact on your summer. And we wanted to share this information as soon as it was available.

We look forward to sunnier days and seeing you all back at Wedgwood Swim Pool for summer 2018!

Raab Parker