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2017 Full Member Dues Statements & Senior Swimmer Fee Statements are in the Mail!

Your statements have been mailed and should arrive in your postal boxes, soon.

Reminder: the Due Date for Payment is March 1, 2017. Any payments or status change requests made after March 1, 2017, will be subject to a $100 late fee. Please return your dues/fee statement or status change request form with your payment. This ensures correct correlation of payment with household.

2017 Full Member annual dues are $950. Fees for senior swimmers are $285 and “grandfathered (converted 2012 or prior)” senior swimmers are $237.50. Senior swimmer fees are subject to WSST of 9.6%.

*Annual dues have been increased by $50 to cover the increase in operating costs, (due to increased property taxes) and increased wage expenses, (due to an increase of minimum wage by the City of Seattle).

Note about Household Members (full members) and Eligible Designees (Senior Swimmers): All listed under these groups must adhere to the by-laws definition of:

  1. Resides as a full time household member in the home of owner member; or
  2. Is a child of the owner member and is 26 years of age or younger, regardless of residence.

Please ensure all information is correct and update as needed.

Caryn Hopkins
Wedgwood Pool Membership Coordinator