What’s Happening July 25th-31st

summer has finally arrived!
With school getting out late, and the on and off again weather, this summer certainly took way too long to get going.  Better late than never though and with the forecast for this week looking superb, it’s time to come and get some serious pool time in.  Please note the early pool closer coming this Sunday though.


championship meet week
Monday, Girls’ Prelims at View Ridge
Tuesday, Boys’ Prelims at Klahaya
Thursday, Northern Division at Innis Arden

adult team
Coming up on the weekend we have the Adult Meet on Saturday morning at Sand Point and the Adult Team Potluck Dinner will also be happening later that evening at 6pm here on the upper deck. 

kid team
Don’t forget that the kids’ swim team almost end of the season celebration will be on Sunday, July 31st.  
The pool will be closing at 4pm on Sunday for this event.  Details were emailed to the swim team but here’s the gist:

  • 6:00-7:00pm Potluck (A-I = Side Dish & J-Z = Main Dish)
  • 7:00-9:00pm Awards and Video
  • Theme: Wedgwood Gear

water polo
Water Polo gets underway next week.  Click here for more information.

The Watershow will be on August 27th this year. Sign-ups will be posted by the end of this week and practices will begin on or around August 17th.

We are trying to work out a schedule so that Aerobics can continue a bit longer.  More information to come.

See you at the pool!


Dates to remember:

August 20th – Adult Party 2.0 – This will be an after 7pm event.

August 23rd – Our senior members will be having a dessert potluck starting at 7pm.  More information will be coming down the road.

August 27th – Watershow

Monday, July 25th

  •   Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7am
  •   Aerobics 12-12:45pm
  •   Hrs: 1-9pm
  •   Girls’ Prelims @ VR
  •   Family Swim 5:30-7pm
  •   Adult Team 8-9pm (south end of pool will be closed)

Tuesday, July 26th

  •   Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7am
  •   Aerobics 8-8:45am
  •   Hrs: 1-9pm
  •   Boys’ Prelims @ KL
  •   Family Swim 5:30-7pm

Wednesday, July 27th

  •   Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7am
  •   Aerobics 12-12:45pm
  •   Hrs: 1-9pm
  •   Family Swim 5:30-7pm
  •   Boys’ team night 8-9pm
  •   Adult Team 8-9pm (south end of pool will be closed)

Thursday, July 28th

  •   Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7am
  •   Aerobics 8-8:45am
  •   Hrs: 1-9pm
  •   Northern Division @ Innis Arden
  •   Family Swim 5:30-7pm

Friday, July 29th

  •   Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7am
  •   Aerobics 12-12:45pm
  •   Hrs: 1-9pm
  •   Family Swim 5:30-7pm

Saturday, July 30th

  •  Adult Meet @ Sand Point
  •  Hrs: 12-9pm
  •  Adult Team Potluck – upper deck 6pm

Sunday, July 31st

  •   Hrs: 12-4pm
  •   Swim Team end of season event 6pm

Adult Team
Adult team practice is Monday and Wednesday nights from 8-9pm.

Family Swim 
Family Swim runs weekdays from 5:30-7:00pm.  This is a quieter time at the club, perfect for families with small children.  Keep in mind that those swimmers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult family member during the Family Swim time.

Teen Swim
Teen Swim is daily after 7pm. Teen members can bring in two guests for only $2.50 per guest.  These do not count against the guest allotment.