What’s Happening? July 18th – 24th

Cake, Cake, Cake!  
A big thank you to all that took some time away from playing Pokémon Go to participate in our annual cake bake event.  We had some very creative and delicious entries!

One last meet, here anyway…
The dual meet season wraps up this week with our last home meet of the season against View Ridge.  Come cheer on our seniors as they swim one last time here at WW. Please note we will be setting up some of the lap lanes prior to the meet but will leave a couple of them out as well this time around too.  We’ll also be closing a bit earlier at 3:50 as we have a little bit of extra set up and prep for the senior festivities.  Warm-up at 4:50, senior thing at 5:50, meet start 6pm.

If you have not ordered your swim team duffel bag yet, today. Monday, July 18th is your last day to do so.  As of 10:15am this morning we only have 4 on order.


Party time!
It’s been a long time coming but this Saturday will be our first adult party of the season.  The event will get under way at 7pm on the upper deck.  Come by for a micro-brew and some munchies while at the same time we’ll be having an anything goes event in the pool for the kids along with an ice cream bar.  The weather looks pretty promising too… finally!  Please note the lap lanes will not be in after 7pm during this event.

See you at the pool!


Dates to remember:

July 30th – Adult Meet in the morning at Sand Point, The Adult Team Potluck Dinner will also be happening later that evening at 6pm at WW. 

July 31st – The Swim Team, the kids, will be having their almost end of the season celebration event.  Details will be coming.

August 23rd – Our senior members will be having a dessert potluck starting at 7pm.  More information will be coming down the road.

August 27th – Watershow

Monday, July 18th

  •   Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7am
  •   Aerobics 12-12:45pm
  •   Hrs: 1-9pm
  •   Family Swim 5:30-7pm
  •   Adult Team 8-9pm (south end of pool will be closed)

Tuesday, July 19th

  •   Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7am
  •   Aerobics 8-8:45am
  •   Hrs: 1-3:50pm
  •   Home Meet vs View Ridge – Warm-up 4:50pm

Wednesday, July 20th

  •   Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7am
  •   Member lesson registration for Session 3 – 8:30am
  •   Aerobics 12-12:45pm
  •   Hrs: 1-9pm
  •   Family Swim 5:30-7pm
  •   Girls’ team night 8-9:30pm
  •   Adult Team 8-9pm (south end of pool will be closed)

Thursday, July 21st

  •   Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7am
  •   Aerobics 8-8:45am
  •   Hrs: 1-9pm
  •   Family Swim 5:30-7pm

Friday, July 22nd

  •   Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7am
  •   Aerobics 12-12:45pm
  •   Hrs: 1-9pm
  •   Family Swim 5:30-7pm
  •   B-Champs at Aqua Club – WW warm up at 8am – meet start 9am

Saturday, July 23rd

  •  Coaches mini-clinics – throughout the morning
  •  Hrs: 12-10pm
  •  Adult Party – upper deck 7-10pm
  •  Almost Anything Goes starts at 7pm – no lap lanes during this swim.

Sunday, July 24th

  •   Hrs: 12-9pm

Adult Team
Adult team practice is Monday and Wednesday nights from 8-9pm.

Family Swim 
Family Swim runs weekdays from 5:30-7:00pm.  This is a quieter time at the club, perfect for families with small children.  Keep in mind that those swimmers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult family member during the Family Swim time.

Teen Swim
Teen Swim is daily after 7pm. Teen members can bring in two guests for only $2.50 per guest.  These do not count against the guest allotment.