Wednesday May 19th Update

Five days in and here is the first of what will probably be many updates over the next several weeks. 

First off, the reservation system did have a few glitches and we continue to find little things here and there that need some tweaking. Julie has provided some more details at the bottom of this communication regarding the reservation system.

To those of you trying to get a reservation it is pretty obvious that we have way more demand than availability for lap swimming, and in the short term that really won’t be changing a whole bunch. As we get closer to June, we should be able to add some more opportunity for Adult Lap Swimming. We will continue to look at the numbers and make adjustments where and when we are able.

  • Be aware and share.

With the demand for pool usage so high, especially with regard to lap swimming, we have noticed several of our adult members utilize a portion of the Open Family Swim area as a defacto lap swim. There are certain days and times where that probably won’t be much of an issue, however, please keep in mind that beyond the 3 lap lanes for reservations, the pool during the Family Swim time is intended for families to use, as well as for those adults that don’t necessarily want to swim laps but would otherwise like to enjoy floating or treading water. Please do your best to be aware and share that space.

  • Not going to make it? Cancel your swim(s)!

Something we can all do to help with ensuring we get the most out of every swimming opportunity is to remember to cancel your swim(s). We’ve had some no-shows over the last few days where people did not cancel and we’ve also had some last-minute drops that went unfilled as well. I know 100% is a long shot but I’d really like to see every swim filled, and it’s way easier for people to fill those if they have some advanced notice.

  • Everyone needs a reservation, yes everyone.

Like before COVID times, when you came into the  facility you signed everyone in whether they were swimming or not. This year that needs to be the same. Everyone coming in needs to have a reservation as we really need to know what our real numbers are so that as we move ahead and look at the data, we can make our best-informed decisions. Lastly, we need you to stick to that reservation time as well, so when your reservation time is over you will need to exit the facility.

  • Showering, to soap or not to soap?

With our current shower situation, I’d like to remind everyone that a rinsing shower after swimming is most likely going to be what we all need to be doing for a while. I know there will be situations where you will want to soap up after you are done swimming, but please be cognizant that we have just 3 showers for everyone. We encourage you to take a more thorough shower at home. 




What about masks?  Well, it’s been interesting over the last week with regard to all the news that’s been circulating about masks. I feel that our initial assessment made a lot of sense. Having had a few more days to evaluate the situation we are comfortable with making an adjustment to our previously published policy. Starting tomorrow, Thursday, May 20th: 

  •     Regardless of vaccination status, everyone over the age of 5, unless medically directed to do otherwise, will continue to wear a mask while inside, checking in, leaving, or using the locker rooms.
  •     Fully vaccinated individuals will no longer need to wear a mask when outside on the pool deck, on the grass, using the outdoor showers or in the pool. 
  •     All swim team participants, regardless of their vaccination status, will continue to wear a mask both inside the building and outside on the pool deck.

Please continue to maintain your social distance between yourself and others regardless of your vaccination status and be aware that many in our community are not yet eligible for their vaccinations. 

Thank you for your continued cooperation with this policy and all of the other things we’ve been throwing your way thus far this season!



Thank you all for your patience and flexibility as we have been figuring out our new reservation system. 

7 day period for reservation restrictions- Important Update

There was an issue with the “rolling reservations” that has now been resolved! However, this means that there is no longer a “Monday-Sunday” week. Instead, in a 7 day period you can always have 1 reservation per “activity” (ie, you can have 1 adult lap swim, 1 open lap swim, and 1 open family swim in a 7 day period). As soon as you have used a reservation, you can make another one. 

This was our original intent, but there were some issues getting it set up, and we apologize for the confusion that this has caused. The 7 day period is NO longer based on a Monday-Sunday week, insted it is a rolling 7 day period and is always forward looking.  For example: You could reserve an adult lap swim at 2:30pm on Monday. Once that lap swim is over (at 3:30pm on Monday) then you could make a reservation for an adult lap swim on tuesday. Then, after your tuesday adult lap swim is over, you could sign up for an adult lap swim on thursday, ect. 

Day of swims: Now that the rolling reservations are set up, the “day of” swims are be working as well. The way the “day of” swims work is that 8 hours prior to a swim, the “1 swim per week” restriction is lifted. For example, if you have a reservation for an open family swim on Wednesday (your 1 swim per week), and then on Tuesday at 9am you see that there is space in the 2pm family swim, you could sign up for that swim as well. 

An important note about “day of” swims. Making a reservation during the 8 hour exemption period does apply to your quota (your 1 swim per 7 day period). For example, if you make a reservation at 9am Monday for a 1pm Monday adult lap swim, then you won’t be able to book another adult lap swim until the 1pm session is over.

If any issues come up, please contact me. The funfangle team has been very quick to respond and fix issues as they arise!

You can reach me at or (252) 628-9620.


We will also continue to update our FAQs page:

Julie Lockhart
Swim Reservations & Swim Lessons Coordinator
Wedgwood Swim Pool
(252) 628-9620