Wedgwood Pool Internship

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to tell you all about an opportunity for members who are 14 years and up.  The Wedgwood Internship will start July 1 (Monday).  The purpose of the Wedgwood internship is to provide prospective candidates with an opportunity to:

  • Gain experience with the tasks and responsibilities of a Wedgwood staff member
  • Learn about the expectations of employment (i.e., what it means to have a job)
  • Be evaluated based on performance for future positions (rather than on interview and application alone)
  • Develop new skills and receive feedback from management

Qualifications: Participants must be 14 years of age by the start of the internship.

If you are interested in participating, click here, complete the form, and return it to Wedgwood Swim Pool and ask the staff to place the form in Chris Matsumoto’s box or scan and email by 6/19/19.

Chris Matsumoto