Tie Dye, Two Home Meets and a Cake Bake too…

From the manager…

This week is going to be a busy one at the double dub!  Tie dye days are happening on Monday and Tuesday, well the dye part is really happening Monday, Tuesday is rinse day. We also have not one, but TWO home meets this week… crazy I know! Finally we’ll wrap it all up on Saturday with the annual Cake Bake!

So here’s the skinny, tie dye is happening in the mornings during and around the kids’ practice times. They are still looking for help to make this happen so if at all possible stop by, and if they still need help, and you can, don’t be shy!

The pool will be closing early on both Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm. Sorry about that, but we need time to set up for the swim meets. Tuesday, Sheridan Beach will be coming to visit, and then on Thursday, the last home meet for our seniors, the Sand Point swimmers will joining us for a nice cozy evening around the pool deck.  We are still looking for volunteers for both meets so get on team unify and sign up!

On Saturday we have the annual Cake Bake thing happening.  The theme this year…

The Cake Bake is scheduled to start around 6pm and all cakes should be on site by 6:30. Cakes will then be on display from 7-7:30. Judging and eating will ensue shortly thereafter.  Also during the Cake Bake it will be Almost Anything Goes from 7-9:30pm. Please note the lap lanes will not be open during this time.

See you around -Raab

Looking ahead…

  • The pool will be closed for Girls’ Prelims on Monday, July 24th.
  • Swim Team Awards night – Wednesday, August 2nd
  • There will be a senior member dessert potluck – 7pm, Wednesday, August 9th.
  • The Watershow – Saturday, August 19th

Monday, July 10th

  •   EMLS 6-7am
  •   Aerobics 12-12:45pm
  •   Hrs: 1-9pm
  •   Adult Team 8-9pm 

Tuesday, July 11th

  •   EMLS 6-7am
  •   Aerobics 8-8:45am
  •   Hrs: 1-4pm (closing early)
  •   Home meet vs Sheridan Beach

Wednesday, July 12th

  •   EMLS 6-7am
  •   Aerobics 12-12:45pm
  •   Hrs: 1-9pm
  •   Adult Team 8-9pm 

Thursday, July 13th

  •   EMLS 6-7am
  •   Aerobics 8-8:45am
  •   Pool Hours 1-4pm (closing early)
  •   Home meet vs Sand Point

Friday, July 14th

  •   EMLS 6-7am
  •   Aerobics 12-12:45pm
  •   Hrs: 1-9pm

Saturday, July 15th

  •   Hrs: 12-9:30pm
  •   Cake Bake 6-8:30pm (see details above)
  •   Almost Anything Goes 7-9:30pm (no lap lanes)

Sunday, July 16th

  •   Hrs: 12-9pm

Family Swim 
Family Swim weekdays from 5:30-7:00pm.  This is a quieter time at the club, perfect for families with small children.  Keep in mind that those swimmers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult family member during the Family Swim time.

Teen Swim
Teen Swim is daily after 7pm. Teen members can bring in up to 3 guests for $2.50 per guest.  These do not count against the guest allotment.

Water Aerobics 
Aerobics Schedule: M, W, F from 12-12:45pm and on T, Th from 8-8:45am.

Adult Swim Team
Meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-9pm. 


Coach Matt has been getting a great response to this but I thought I’d run it one more week…

Searching For Old Swim Team Photos and Banquet Programs

In hopes of properly documenting the wonderful and storied history of the Wedgwood Swim Team, Coach Matt is asking for old Swim Team Photos (whole team pictures) and old Banquet Programs from years gone by. 

For Team Pictures, I am in need of years prior to 2009, other than several I already have from the 90s (I currently have ’90, ’91, ’93, ’94, ’95, ’96).

For Banquet Programs, I will take any that you have, other than ’89, ’91, ’92, ’93, ’94, ’95, ’96, ’15.

There will be a folder in the office all summer long for anybody to leave a photo or program for me. We will make sure to label the item to ensure you get it back and scan them in hopes of returning them to you quickly.

OR, if you already have an electronic copy, please email them to me at mattymmiller@gmail.com

For my final request, I would also love to have pictures of any current swim team parents WHO ARE ALSO Wedgwood Swim Team alums from when they were on swim team or hanging out at Wedgwood Pool. We are excited about the generations that come through Wedgwood and I’m hoping to put something together to highlight the amazing numbers we have as 2nd and 3rd generation swimmers.

The same process will apply for either hard copies of photos (a folder in the office) or electronic copies (email me). Please label who you all are (with maiden names too, if applicable), so I don’t have to do too much guessing.

Thanks for all the help! -Coach Matt