This week at WW

Hello and happy Sunday. It is Sunday, right?
First off I would like to extend a huge thank you! You have been extremely helpful and cooperative with all the policy and procedural changes we’ve been throwing at you. As we move into this week this will be continue to be important as we are making some changes to open up a couple of more spots at each swim, as well as adding our seniors and near neighbor members into the mix.
A friendly reminder, swim sessions are 45 minutes long and you should be on your way out the door at that time. This allows time for the staff to adequately disinfect prior to the next swim session, helping us keep everyone safe. Please also remember that locker rooms are for bathroom use and hand washing only.

Starting this week we will be adding a 7th and 8th lane to each swim time. These two lanes are shorter in length, about half the full lane, and the water is approximately 4 feet in depth the entire length as well. While one could certainly swim in these lanes, our intent is that these lanes be for those that would rather walk in the water than swim. We do anticipate some mix-ups where people think they have signed up for a longer lane, so please pay attention to the description for these particular lanes when making your reservation. 

Still no word or update on any new guidelines from the state or county. We continue to work on planning for that eventuality though, so if/when we get word, we will be able to implement new swimming options as quickly as possible.

Stay well and thanks for wearing that mask!