This week at WW – July 19th edition

Hello Wedgwood Swim Club Members,

The pool has been in operation now for about a month and we have been monitoring and receiving feedback about how things are going. I would like to convey a great deal of appreciation for your continued patience as we figure things out and try to make the best of this situation. 

We know that many of you would like more reasonable access to signing up for more swimming opportunities without having to go through the day-of, 12:01am thing. This has been especially problematic for people that are still keeping a normal work schedule. Please know that we have been and continue to push Omnify to get that time changed to something more reasonable.

We have been considering a number of changes including expanded hours and limiting the number of total swims per week.

Effective today, we are making a change in the number of reservations per person, per week, so that you will be able to reserve two swims per week instead of just the one. While this will certainly be taking away some of the day of opportunity, our hope is that this will allow more members to have access to an additional swim during the week. We will of course be monitoring this change and adjust as necessary or if needed.

Additional swim times have been added this coming week and we anticipate that in couple of weeks, when the swim team season wraps up, that we will have more available pool time to work with as well.

Currently it looks like other than the changes mentioned above, our operations will continue to be the same unless new guidance comes our way. Let’s hope we can at least maintain where we are with that regard. 

I do have a reminder for our swim team kids. Wear your mask to the pool! We’ve had a run on our limited supply and we need you to remember to bring your mask when you come to practice!

Stay well, stay safe.