This Week at WW – August 2nd

Families are back swimming in the pool and while it’s anything but normal, it does finally sound a bit more like summer again.
We want to again acknowledge everyone that’s been coming and following all of these policies and procedures. This entire thing has been challenging in so many different ways, but our members coming in and adhering to what we’ve put into place have really helped things run very smoothly, and is so appreciated. Thank you!
Something we wanted to let you all know about is that Julie Lockhart, who has been handling our Ominfy reservations this season, is dealing with a family emergency. Julie’s brother, Stevie Cairns (who has been a member of Wedgwood since he was little and worked as a lifeguard at WW) was hit by a car while riding his bicycle earlier this week. He sustained serious injuries and is currently in the ICU in critical condition. Julie is taking time to be with her family during this difficult time. 
So we have been in a bit of a transition this past week and we have tried our best to keep things up and running behind the scenes as best as we’ve been able. Our response time may not quite have been as quick as what you may have been used to, but luckily we are at the point this season where we know so much more about how this Omnify beast works. We are also very fortunate that Allison Crossland is stepping into the roll of reservation coordinator for the remainder of the summer. You may continue to use the email address and previously published phone number, 252-628-9620, to reach out with questions or assistance.
We are keeping the entire Cairns family in our thoughts and prayers. Follow these links for more information and how you can help support Stevie and his family.

Stay well all, and Godspeed on your recovery Stevie,