Schedule Change, Reminders, and an Update

Please note that the pool was previously scheduled to close at 5:30pm for water polo matches on Thursday the 11th, however because both Wedgwood, and our opponent Aqua Club have small teams, there won’t be as many matches so less pool time will be needed. The revised closing time on Thursday will now be 7pm with matches starting at 7:15.

Please also remember that the pool will also be closing early for the Watershow at 7pm on both Friday the 12th, for rehearsal, and on Saturday the 13th for the big show. We expect the Watershow to actually begin about 8:30pm on the 13th.

Our last session of lessons for the summer is Session 5 (August 15th-25th)!
Members Register: Wednesday, August 10th. In person registration from 10-11am, register by phone from 11am-12pm.
To register, go to:

Attendance at weekday evening laps has been up and down of late, and somewhat unpredictable. Some evenings we have as few as 3 people show up, and other nights up to 10. In an effort to accommodate both lap swimmers as well as those that would like to utilize some of the space in the deep end for other things, I took the initiative to reduce the number of lanes on these evenings from 6 to 3. To be honest this hasn’t seemed to work out very well. Moving forward we will plan on putting 6 lanes in for evening laps, but please note that one or more of the lanes may be removed depending on the number of attendees. I would also ask so that all types of users have some deep end pool space so that when 6 lanes are in, lane 6 be used for those who don’t necessarily want to swim laps. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility.

Wed, Aug 10th
Early Morning Lap Swim 6-8am
Aerobics 8-8:45am
Open Swim 1-9pm
Family Swim 5:30-7pm
Adult Laps 8-9pm (See note above on lanes)

Thur, Aug 11th
Early Morning Lap Swim 6-8am
Aerobics 12:05-:12:50pm

Open Swim 1-7pm
Water Polo Matches 6 -10pm

Fri, Aug 12th
Early Morning Lap Swim 6-8am
Aerobics 8-8:45am
Open Swim 1-7pm
Watershow Rehersal 7:30pm

Sat, Aug 13th
Adult Lap Swim 11am – Noon
Open Swim 12–7pm
Watershow @ Dusk approx 8:30pm

Sun, Aug 14th
Adult Laps 11am–12pm
Open Swim 12–9pm
Teen Swim 7-9pm


The most up-to-date calendar of pool hours and activities can be found here.