Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Hello, it’s good to be back, Again!

I have been out for nearly two weeks with COVID and I’m still dealing with a bit of brain fog. It’s an unusual feeling, and I while I may think I am being clear in this email, I’m not 100% certain that’s actually the case so please bear with me. Thank you. – Raab

This coming week will be the last of the pre-shoulder season. Full time hours will start on Saturday, June 18th. We will kick off the full summer season with some fun activities. On the 18th from 7-9:30pm there an adult party on the upper deck and an “almost anything goes” in the pool, the first since 2019! We’ll have beer, wine and food on the upper deck for the adults and some snacks for the kids by the pool.

And for those that don’t know, almost anything goes is when floaties and inflatables are allowed. So pump them up and bring them down!

One other scheduling thing for Saturday, June 18th is that there will not be morning lap swim as swim team time trials will be happening.

Here are the pool hours for this coming week.

Mon, June 13th – Thur, June 16th
Early Morning Lap Swim 6-8am
Adult Afternoon Laps 2:30-4pm
Open Swim 3:30-6pm
Swim Team 6-9:15pm

Fri, June 17th
Early Morning Lap Swim 6-8am
Adult Afternoon Laps 2:30-4pm
Open Swim 3:30-9pm

Sat, June 18th
Swim Team Time Trials 10:30-12
Open Swim 12–7pm
Fun Float 7-9:30pm
Teen Swim 7-9:30pm
Adult Party 7-9:30pm

Sun, June 19th
Adult Laps 11am–12pm
Open Swim 12–9pm
Teen Swim 7-9pm

The most up-to-date calendar of pool hours and activities can be found here.


Aerobics returns starting Monday, June 20th and will run M, W, F  8-8:45am and T, Th – 12:05-12:50pm.

We expect demand to be pretty high for aerobics this year and as such will be taking a measured approach to how it will roll out. For the month of June, aerobics will only be open for members, and senior users (formerly known as senior members) of the club. After we get a sense of how many members are attending, we will make a decision with regard to opening it up to non-members as well.

We will not be doing reservations for aerobics this year. Our plan is to offer a pass system similar to what we were doing prior to COVID.

Adult Team

Adult Team is back and will begin practices on Monday June 20th. Practices will be on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 8-9pm. The team will be coached by Bridget and Isabel Fetty, Hanna Parker, and Kai Haven will also be helping out a bit as well. Save the date: Adult Meet will be on the morning of July 23rd.

Teen Swim

Teen swim returns on Saturday June 18th. Teens can bring in 2 guest for $5/each on weekends after 7pm and these do not count against the 20 allotment.

Family Swim

Family swim will be back on weekdays starting on Monday, June 20th, from 5:30-7:00pm.  This is a quieter time at the club, perfect for families with small children. Keep in mind that those swimmers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult family member during the Family Swim time.

Wedgwood Internship

The Wedgwood Internship will start June 24th (Friday).  The purpose of the Wedgwood internship is to provide prospective job candidates with an opportunity to:

· Gain experience with the tasks and responsibilities of a Wedgwood staff member

· Learn about the expectations of employment (i.e., what it means to have a job)

· Be evaluated based on performance for future positions (rather than on interview and application alone)

· Develop new skills and receive feedback from management

Qualifications: Participants must be 14 years of age by the start of the internship.

If you are interested in participating, please complete and sign the attached form and return it to Wedgwood Swim Pool and ask the staff to place the form in Chris Matsumoto’s box by 6/20/22.

For more information please see attachment.

Dave Newton Memorial

There will be a memorial for long-time pool member Dave Newton on Saturday, June 25th. Please email davenewtonmemorial@gmail.com for details.

Link to Dave’s obituary.

WWAY Committee May Update

A key issue to resolve in our extended season feasibility study is whether our pool’s current boilers are adequate for year-round operations.

Our Facilities subcommittee has been considering this question. They are trying to determine if the current boilers can keep the water temperature warm enough for swimming given winter wind and air temperature conditions. They also plan to consider options to supplement or replace our current boilers but since these options come at a higher cost, they first want to thoroughly explore whether we can make do with what we have.

Meanwhile, the Operations subcommittee continues reaching out to other pools to learn from their experience. Here’s some of what we learned from Aqua Club:

  • Aqua Club has provided some form of extended-season swimming since 2014.
  • They have found that year-round operation is financially positive.
  • Aqua Club rents pool time to private and public swim (e.g., adult and youth) and water polo teams as well as a synchronized swimming group and the North Shore Fire Department.
  • Aqua Club offers open swim time on Sundays where all members (including families) are welcome, regardless of whether they are winter swimmers.
  • Aqua Club capped their extended-season membership and had to turn away interested swimmers.

May Question of the month:

What do you want to learn about the Committee’s work?

Email your thoughts and questions to this month’s and/or prior month’s questions to WWAYexplore@gmail.com. All input is welcome. We will share a summary of what we heard and provide answers to common questions on our website WWAY Website