Poop Policy Update

Sadly I have to share the news that we had another incident of poop in the pool at closing last night. During the past month now we have not gone more than five days without a reoccurrence. The shear number of instances of this happening has become way too common.

Prevention is better for all of us and as such we are implementing new strategies in an effort to quickly reduce this situation both for general operations and for health reasons.  

You will immediately notice some new signage at the pool and if you have a little ones you will also notice our staff being more proactive with reminders about proper pool diapering as well as taking bathroom breaks, diaper checks. Additionally we are implementing a double swim diaper policy.

Double Swim Diaper Policy

  • Every child who is not completely potty trained must wear a snug fitting non-disposable swim diaper or rubber pants over their disposable swim diapers.

  • Make sure the your child visits the bathroom before getting into the pool, even if they just went at home.  

  • Take your child to the bathroom after being in or around the pool for 30 minutes.

  • If you observe your child exhibiting their “I’ve got to go potty behaviors” please take them out of the pool and to the bathroom. 

  • If your child has not been feeling well, has a tummy ache or not been regular please do not use the pool. 

As both a pool manger and a parent, I do know from personal experience that despite one’s best efforts, there unfortunately will still be times when this will happen in a swimming pool.  I am hoping that with the added awareness and emphasis, along with your help, we can at least reduce or eliminate this issue moving forward.