Pool Opening Update

You may have already seen a similar update on Facebook last night…  

The short story is that there is an issue with our newly rebuilt motor. This morning our electrician will be contacting the rebuilder to try and figure things out. I’m hoping there’s something that they can easily figure out. We’re still going to have to pull this motor/pump again, and this sets us back at a minimum of at least a couple more days. Even if everything goes well we’ll need another day then to get the pool back up to temp, filtered, and chemically balanced as well.  That being said, I know that Saturday would be the earliest possible day that could possibly now be open.

Again, I will continue to update as the situation develops and I have more information to share.

Please know that we are sourcing both a new motor and pump too.

I do want to say that your support and patience with this have been very much appreciated, and while I know it’s a big ask, we’re going to need both a bit longer.