Landscaping Parties

April 22, Wednesday, Earth Day, 10am – 1pm
April 25, Saturday from 10am – 3pm

THREE hours of work per family will save you $50.00.  For example, if your family has THREE members and each works an hour-you’re done. Please check in with me when you arrive, to insure that you are on the list.  Signing up is important, so that you get credit for time spent in the garden.

We will be doing a lot of clean up-weeding-raking and spiffing up. Most of the heavy work is behind us now, so we can attend to the small details. Please bring rakes, weeding tools, brooms, shovels, empty garbage cans and wheelbarrows (for hauling what you clean, to the dumpster).

We hope to have decent weather. But no matter the conditions; the landscape party will go on!  Coffee and Goodies? Yes!  At least summer is getting closer.

Stephen Ramaley
phone:  206-524-9719