Landscape Parties are Back

There will be two landscape parties this year, March 5th and April 23rd.
We require 3 hours of work per family. In return familes will not be
billed for the $50.00 landscape fee in 2023. Hours are 9am to 3pm. Some
less physical duties available. We really need 2 people-one each day, with a
laptop to check people in (light duty) so hopefully you could stay for the day.

On Mar 5, bring gloves and 5 gallon buckets if you have them, label with your
name-so you get them back. We need everyone we can get, to spread chips
bucket brigade style on our planted beds. No other tools needed. Kid friendly.

-Landscape party for April put in April newsletter
On April 23, a less physical day. Bring weeding, light pruning tools, if you can,
the pool has some but never enough for all. This will be general cleanup and
tidying, some hill climbing required-east of the parking lot. Kid friendly.

Stephen Ramaley