Here’s what’s happening: Aug 6th -12th¬†ūüėÄ

From the manager

You may have noticed the signage that’s recently been posted around the pool…

It’s time for me to touch base on what has become a very pervasive problem and that being non-compliance with our DRY POOL POLICY. ¬†As manager of the club I am tasked with enforcing club policies and procedures and unfortunately people bringing in alcohol has grown exponentially of late.

Now It should not be a surprise that we have this policy. Pool use and consumption of alcohol aren’t a good idea, and long ago the decision was made that alcohol would not be permitted¬†on Wedgwood property. The only time that alcohol is allowed at the club is¬†for the adult parties sponsored by the Wedgwood Pool Board. My personal opinion on this is that this sends a mixed message that it’s okay for people to just bring in a little bit to enjoy now and then. PLEASE DO NOT!

We again ask for your cooperation in complying with this policy and your consideration in not putting our very underage staff in the awkward position to dealing with this. If you do bring in unacceptable items the staff will be asking you to remove them from the pool area immediately.

And alcohol aside, glass is not permitted at the pool either.  No-brainer, right?!

Oh, and vaping! Sorry, we don’t allow this on the pool grounds either…¬†




Currently there are only 27 kids signed up… we need more!¬†The Watershow is a super fun experience where kids ages 3-18 get to learn a skit/dance on land and in water and perform it with fun costumes! They will get put in a group of kids around their age and practice a few times leading up to the show.¬†The show is on¬†August 18th at 8:30pm¬†and we will also have a¬†dress rehearsal on¬†August 17th at 7pm.¬†Once we put together groups, each instructor will send out an email with practice times for the week and a half leading up to the show, but no worries if your kiddos can’t make all of the practice times. We just want them to have a good time! The sign up sheet is on the window right outside of the office so come¬†sign up THIS WEEK!¬†This year‚Äôs theme is¬†MUSCIALS!

Swim Team
Pictures and duffle bags are here at the pool. Please pick them up on your next visit.


What’s this?

Back in the day, as they say, the water level of the pool was maintained by a mechanical device that resembled an oversize float and valve much like you used to find in the topside of a toilet. That mechanism would on occasion fail, typically a couple of times a summer.

Now at some point along the way someone built a better mousetrap if you will, and this is what we now use to control the water level in the pool. This little¬†device uses electricity to both sense and control the pool level. It’s much more reliable than our old mechanism and in the last 15 years or so the only maintenance needed has been one¬†probe replacement.

The way this unit works is that a valve is connected to the device on one side, and a probe on the other. The probe is set at where the water level of the pool should be. The probe has two electrical contacts and when the contacts are both submerged the circuit is closed and the valve remains closed. When the water level drops, and the probes are no longer submerged, the circuit opens and the unit then opens a refill valve.  Water keeps flowing until the water level raises to the point where the contacts are both in the water again and the circuit closes.



Monday, Aug 6th

  • ¬† Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7:30am
  • ¬† Aerobics 12:30-1:15pm
  • ¬† Hrs: 1:15-9pm
  • ¬† Family Swim 5:30-7pm
  • ¬† Teen Swim 7-9pm

Tuesday, Aug 7th

  • ¬† Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7:30am
  • ¬† Aerobics 8-8:45am
  • ¬† All City Meet @ Olympic View
  • ¬† Hrs: 1:15-9pm¬†
  • ¬† Family Swim 5:30-7pm
  • ¬† Teen Swim 7-9pm

Wednesday, Aug 8th

  • ¬† Early Morning Laps 6-7:30am
  • ¬†¬†Aerobics¬†12:30-1:15pm
  • ¬† Hrs: 1:15-4:15pm
  • ¬† Swim Team Dinner/Awards

Thursday, Aug 9th

  • ¬† Early Morning Laps¬†6-7:30am
  • ¬† Aerobics 8-8:45am
  • ¬†¬†Hrs: 1:15-9pm
  • ¬† Family Swim 5:30-7
  • ¬† Teen Swim 7-9pm

Friday, August 10th

  • ¬† Early Morning Laps 6-7:30am
  • ¬† Aerobics¬†12:30-1:15pm
  • ¬† Hrs: 1:15-9pm
  • ¬†¬†Family Swim 5:30-7pm
  • ¬†¬†Teen Swim 7-9pm

Saturday, August 11th

Sunday, August 12th

  • ¬† Sunday Morning Adult Laps 11am – Noon (6 lanes)
  • ¬† Hrs: 12-9pm‚Äč
  • ¬†¬†Teen Swim 7-9pm