Hello Summer!

It looks like we have a fantastic weekend in store for us. Things should certainly be hopping at the pool. In fact, if history is any indication, we will likely see some pretty big crowds on both days, but Sunday is my bet to be the biggie, perhaps potentially one of the biggest days of this 2015 season. Be prepared if you come late as an empty lounge chair or an umbrella will likely be hard to find. In anticipation, I have already scheduled some extra guard coverage for both days, and at this time, we are not scheduling any more parties as well.

One very interesting thing about these early season weekends is that when looking at the numbers, just over 40% of the users in the facility are guests. So while I’m not requesting a no guest weekend, I am asking that you be aware of the guest impact and plan accordingly. If you plan on bringing a guest in, please limit the number that you bring, bring them in early between 12-3, or at another time altogether. I don’t think most people realize when they are bringing in one or two guests that it’s really that big of an impact, but every other member using the facility is also bringing in one or two guests, and well, it starts to add up.

The situation I am trying to avoid is where such a large number of people are in the pool that we have to start turning people away at the doors. It’s been pretty close to that only a couple of times, but luckily things have ended up working out and I hope that streak continues.

Grab that sunscreen and I’ll see you at the pool!