Goodbye June and hello July…

The first week is done and I actually think it went better than I had anticipated. Thank you for your patience!

We are still working with Omnify and hoping to be able to move the “day of” sign up to a more reasonable time than 12:01am.  We’re not sure if or when they will be able to implement this change but we’ve heard from their tech support that they are getting many requests for this modification.

And speaking of “day of” sign ups something that we wondering about was confirmed over this past weekend…

If you use a “day of” swim prior to reserving your 1 swim for the week, this “day of” swim counts as your 1 swim for the week. For example, if you make a “day of” reservation on Sunday, June 28th, then you will not be able to reserve a swim in advance during the week of June 28th-July 4th. This is because the Omnify reservation system allows us to set a “1 swim per week” restriction, and then lifts the restriction each day to allow for “day of” reservations. We want everyone to be aware of this! Please make sure to make your reservation for the week before using a “day of” swim! If you have any questions about this, contact Julie Lockhart at:

These are indeed strange times. Health department regulations actually state that our showers and locker rooms are to remain closed. Which given the indoor, tight quarters nature of those spaces makes complete sense. We are lucky to have the outdoor showers and we figured that using them would be okay, and until we hear otherwise we will continue with that. A friending reminder though that these showers are intended only for rinsing off not for the full blown shampoo, soap up, and conditioning routine. Please plan on doing all of that at home. We thank you for adhering to this as we still need swimmers to be promptly on their way out of the facility at the end of their swim time, and in a few instances last week we were running into situations where it was taking a little bit longer than that. Keeping the showers as a rinse off only will help us have the time to thoroughly sanitize prior to the next group of swimmers, and also help ensure that we are keeping swimmer departure and arrivals separated enough between groups to help with that socially distancing thing, which is also part of the county guidelines.

Kickboards are back and we have procedures in place for sanitizing those now as well.

Still no news or guidance on phase 3 and I have a feeling that it might be a while.

Thank you for your continued patience…Stay well everyone!



Hey there Wedgwood Members!

Good news! The Wedgwood Gear store is now officially open and taking orders until July 5th.  Please see the attached handout for how to access the store and order gear online. The COVID-19 crisis has been especially challenging this year for Sylvia’s and there are some things you should be aware of as a result:

1. There is not the same great variety and selection as years past.  So, there is not the same diversity in gear that you would normally see.  That said, we thought it important to still give our Wedgwood families the option to orders some things as some of our swimmers look forward to this every year!  
2. We realize that ordering is happening much later this year.  Unfortunately, Sylvia’s has been closed and is now in a staggered scaledown production mode of operation.  That said, it will still be 4-6 weeks until the delivery of your items will occur.  
3.  All orders will be shipped directly to your home address.  Sylvias will not be delivering any orders to Wedgwood pool or to PO boxes.  
4. While we know some swimmers may need a swimsuit this year, there is no requirement to have a Wedgwood swimsuit for team events or practices.  
5. We included a white t-shirt in hopes of a future tie dye day.  Feel free to stock up on white cotton masks as well to commemorate summer 2020.
6.  Sylvia’s has promised that next year they will have a much more extensive selection to choose from again including our multicolor logo on the suits and the timeless duffel bag.
7.  We strongly encourage weekday shopping in case you run into log in/website issues.  The office workers typically work week day hours.

Thank you so much to all of our Wedgwood families for understanding and being patient through all of the ups and downs during this challenging time.  Hopefully a little Wedgwood gear will give a little extra spring to our step!

Here is the  link to the ordering instructions pdf file.