February Update

We are looking forward to the pool opening in just three months!

Membership Dues
REMINDER:  Membership dues and Senior Swimmer fees must be paid before March 1st to avoid a $100 late payment penalty.  Invoices were emailed to your primary email address in January, please contact Membership (membership@wwpool.org) if you anticipate difficulty with this deadline.

Landscape Parties are Back
There will be two landscape parties this year, March 5th and April 23rd.

We require 3 hours of work per family. In return families will not be billed for the $50.00 landscape fee in 2023. Hours are 9am to 3pm. Some less physical duties available. We really need two people (one each day), with a laptop to check people in (light duty) so hopefully you could stay for the day.

On Mar 5, bring gloves and 5 gallon buckets if you have them, label with your name-so you get them back. We need everyone we can get, to spread chips bucket brigade style on our planted beds. No other tools needed. Kid friendly.

On April 23, a less physical day. Bring weeding, light pruning tools, if you can, the pool has some but never enough for all. This will be general cleanup and tidying, some hill climbing required-east of the parking lot. Kid friendly.

Stephen Ramaley sjramaley@gmail.com

WWAY Update
The Wedgwood Pool Board of Directors authorized a volunteer committee, the Wedgwood All Year or WWAY committee, to move forward with a feasibility study to answer questions such as:

  • Facility needs – what upgrades to the physical plant would be required to operate during colder weather?
  • Permit requirements – what will the City need to know before considering a permit application to extend pool operations?
  • Operational options – when would the pool be open? Who will be using the pool?
  • Communications and engagement – how will information be shared and how can members and near neighbors provide input? What strategies could help mitigate impacts to the neighborhood?
  • Finances – how could an extended season operate in a revenue neutral way without increasing dues for summer members who do not participate?

You can find a copy of the full WWAY Feasibility Analysis Scope of Work here. The WWAY committee is working to answer these questions and others that arise to determine if this project is feasible. If it is determined to be feasible, Full members of the pool would be asked to vote on whether to authorize an extended season program. Our process will be slow and deliberate. While we are still trying to determine how long the Feasibility Study will take, we estimate it could last at least eight months.

Keep in mind that members would be able to opt in to the extended season by paying additional fees. Members happy to swim only in the summer would not be charged for the extended season. The program would be revenue neutral or revenue positive to Wedgwood Pool.

We plan to use these monthly emails to share with you the information we are learning and to solicit your input and questions.

Question of the month: What do you want the WWAY committee to research and share with you before you decide on an extended season program?   Email your thoughts and questions to: WWAYexplore@gmail.com Note the new email address that we will be using going forward! We will share a summary of what we heard and provide answers to common questions in future communications.

Finally, check out our developing WWAY website (WWAY Website) where we will post information as we learn it.

Thank you!
Your Wedgwood Pool Board