Family Swim Reservation Update

Hello, I hope this finds you in good health.

I have some information to share regarding Family Swim reservations.

With almost two weeks of Family Swim under our belt we have been monitoring the sign-up and usage and we feel that we are ready to implement some changes with regard to reservations for Family Swim.

Starting immediately we are increasing the number of Family Swim reservations from 1 to 2, per week, per family. Our hope is this will make it both easier for families to get more use out of the pool as well as fill up more of these swim slots.

Additionally, families will also be able to register for available Family Swims on a day of basis as well.

Please note that there is a limit of one Family Swim per day.

This change brings our Family Swim reservation policy into alignment with our Lap Swim reservation policy, which on our end with Omnify will simplify things, and keeping things simple in this regard is a good thing.

We will monitor this change and adjust again if necessary.