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Wedgwood Pool Internship

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to tell you all about an opportunity for members who are 14 years and up.  The Wedgwood Internship will start July 1 (Monday).  The purpose of the Wedgwood internship is to provide prospective candidates with an opportunity to:

  • Gain experience with the tasks and responsibilities of a Wedgwood staff member
  • Learn about the expectations of employment (i.e., what it means to have a job)
  • Be evaluated based on performance for future positions (rather than on interview and application alone)
  • Develop new skills and receive feedback from management

Qualifications: Participants must be 14 years of age by the start of the internship.

If you are interested in participating, click here, complete the form, and return it to Wedgwood Swim Pool and ask the staff to place the form in Chris Matsumoto’s box or scan and email by 6/19/19.

Chris Matsumoto

Pool Opening Update

You may have already seen a similar update on Facebook last night…  

The short story is that there is an issue with our newly rebuilt motor. This morning our electrician will be contacting the rebuilder to try and figure things out. I’m hoping there’s something that they can easily figure out. We’re still going to have to pull this motor/pump again, and this sets us back at a minimum of at least a couple more days. Even if everything goes well we’ll need another day then to get the pool back up to temp, filtered, and chemically balanced as well.  That being said, I know that Saturday would be the earliest possible day that could possibly now be open.

Again, I will continue to update as the situation develops and I have more information to share.

Please know that we are sourcing both a new motor and pump too.

I do want to say that your support and patience with this have been very much appreciated, and while I know it’s a big ask, we’re going to need both a bit longer.


Pool Update… we’re working hard but…

Putting things back together is taking a bit longer than I had honestly hoped… At this point based on where we are with getting things back together, and the list of things that will still need to happen, I’m thinking that opening Wednesday is very unlikely. I will update here as well as send out an email if and when I get home tonight…😔

Pool Opening Update… no Tuesday

There is still a bit more work that needs to be done to the motor/pump, but the rebuilder seemed confident that he will have it ready for us to pick up on Tuesday morning. He will update me mid-day on Monday. Based on what I know right now I’m hoping that we’ll be able to open up the pool on Wednesday.  

I will send out updates on our social media accounts more frequently than via email, but you can expect another email likely Tuesday, late evening, or Wednesday morning.


Delay in Pool Opening

Wait? What?

Unfortunately the long wait is not over, our opening day will be delayed. Here’s what’s going on…

Earlier this week the motor that drives the main circulation pump for our pool died. Upon further investigation the cause has been determined to be an extremely slow draining sewer line, and when a heavy rain squall rolled through on Tuesday afternoon the water level inside the mechanical area where this motor/pump are located was flooded.

Since the discovery and confirmation of this issue on Tuesday evening, there has been non-stop effort to get this resolved as quickly as possible and when I was told Wednesday morning that it would be next Monday before anyone could even look at our problem, I had to step up way outside of my comfort zone and decide that we were going to put our own team together and get this thing fixed ourselves.

So with my dream team assembled and someone lined up to rebuild our motor and pump we set about removing the assembly ourselves Wednesday evening.

On Thursday morning the assembly was off to the rebuilder and I just got off the phone with them, late Thursday afternoon with an update. They have begun the process of taking things apart and barring anything too major, the initial estimate is that it will take 4 days to get things back together on their end. Fortunately they will work on it through the weekend too.

A side note, rebuilding our motor and pump in this case is truly the fastest and most economical way to go about this, these sorts of things are not typically just things that are available on the shelf and if we rebuild what we have then we don’t need to involve the health department which could cause further delay.

Now the earliest I am expecting the rebuilding to be completed will be Monday. Whatever the day though we’ll need at least another day to get it installed, and things up and running again.

The other thing that still needs to be addressed in this, and it’s the thing I have lost more sleep over the past couple of nights, is the sewer line.  That’s set to be checked Friday morning and I’m really hoping this is something that can be easily remedied. Cross those fingers!

While it’s an unfortunate set of circumstances for sure, I’m really glad that this did not occur during the middle of July…

I will be sending out periodic updates as this moves along and probably more frequent updates on our social media accounts.

I hope to see you at the pool very soon!


Saturday, May 19th – pool closed

Sunday, May 19th – pool closed

Monday, May 20th – pool closed

Tuesday, May 21st – TBD


Upcoming Events:

  • New Member Meeting – will be rescheduled
  • Swim Team Suit Fitting – still on at the pool 5:45-7:45pm (unless the sewer thing goes sideways, in which case we are exploring alternative sites)


For up to date details on any and all schedule information please check the club website/calendar.



The online store order dates are May 13-23. Any member can order swim team gear (not just swim team participants).

Instructions for ordering of swim team gear:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on My Teams Login, located in the upper right of the home page
  3. Create a new account or log in to your existing Sylvia’s Swimwear account
  4. Enter the Team Code (WWSUM19) into the Add A Team section. Click Add Team or press Enter.
  5. Click on the Team Name to enter the WW Pool My Teams page
  6. You can browse by categories via the menu on the left side
  7. Select desired products and sizes and Add To Cart. (Note: custom products may have an option for logo and/or name. Names are automatically added when any entry is made in the Add Name field.)
  8. Check your order carefully as all custom orders are final sale.
  9. Follow the online instructions for Checkout to complete your order.

Below are images of the gear available through our online store at Sylvia’s Swimwear.

If you have concerns about sizing you can come to the fitting on May 20th from 5:45 to 7:45pm, or contact our Sylvia’s Swimwear rep Jamie Pastrana for assistance.

Sylvia’s Swimwear
Bellevue, WA
M-F, 9am – 5pm

2019 Session Dates

Pre-Season Session  June 24th – June 28th  This summer we are offering a one week pre-season session. During this session we will be offering levels Preschool 1 through Beginner 1. Registration for this session will be during registration for session 1.

Session 1   July 1st – July 12th (no lessons 7/4 or 7/5)
Session 2   July 15th – July 26th
Session 3   July 29th – Aug 9th (no lessons on 7/30)
Session 4   Aug 12th – Aug 23rd

Evening lessons schedule had also been posted.  Check the lessons link above for more info.

Possible Lesson Session Schedule Changes

PLEASE NOTE: We know many people like to plan out their summer camp and swim lesson schedules early but we wanted to let you know that our previously posted summer session dates, especially with regard to session 1, may be modified due to these February weather related school closures and the subsequent make-up days added to the school calendar year.  We will update accordingly, but please check back once we thaw out.

The Final Countdown…😩

From the manager

Happy final two weeks of the season! The guards have been missing the feel of a busy pool recently so come on down for a swim! The pool will be closing for the year on Sunday, September 16th, and hours are going to be changing from here out. You might want to double check the schedule prior to coming though as showing up to a closed pool is never fun.

Primarily due to staffing we won’t be scheduling any more parties on weekdays for the remainder of the season, and on the 15th and the 16th, the pool will be open to members only, so bring your guests now and enjoy the clear, beautiful pool and smoke-free weather. 
Tomorrow is Labor Day! The biathlon will take place at 9:30AM with warmups at 9AM. Come and swim! Find a running partner! After that, we will have the Wedgwood Pool Ping Pong Tournament at noon. We have seen many patrons practicing their ping pong skills all summer, now is the time to put them into action. And finally, from 2:30-3:30, we will have Labor Day Games. In case you get hungry, the Bean Fish food truck will be back again from 2-5:30. 
Come and get it before you can’t!


A message from our friends at View Ridge:

Dear Wedgwood Pool members,

We would like to invite our Wedgwood pool friends to participate in our first off-season Adult Lap Swim at View Ridge.  

We have several VR members who have signed up, and have a limited number of spaces open for non-member friends at WW who might be interested.  

Here is some information on the winter lap swim season:

Dates: September 10, 2018 to May 10, 2019
Days: Monday – Friday + Saturday
Times: M-F 6-7:30am; 12-1:30pm (8 lanes); 5:45-7:15pm (2 lanes) + Saturday 9-11am (8lanes)
Age: Must be 16 and over

Fee Schedule:

  • Annual Fee (1 adult): $600
  • Annual Fee (2 or more): $1,000
  • Monthly Fee (1 adult): $90*
  • *September pro rated to $65

Please email me, Bruce Gillespie, Club Manager, at with your full name(s), mailing address, email address and cell phone# along with the fee option you choose. We will contact you to confirm the details. Payment will be due on your first swim, and can be paid with credit card or check payable to View Ridge Swim Club. 

We are excited to offer this opportunity to our fellow WW friends, and look forward to hearing from  you.  If you have any questions regarding the program, please email me at the above address, or at at any time.

Bruce Gillespie, Club Manager

Sunday, Sept 2nd

  •   Adult Lap Swim 11am-Noon
  •   Hrs: 12-9pm 

Monday, Sept 3rd

  •   Biathlon 9:30am, warm-up 9am
  •   Ping Pong Tourney @ Noon
  •   Pool Open 12-7pm / No Parties
  •   Games Galor 2:30-3:30pm
  •   BeanFish Food Truck 2-5:30pm

Tuesday, Sept 4th

  •   Adult Afternoon Laps 2:30-3:30pm 
  •   Hrs: 3:30-7pm (No Parties)

Wednesday, Sept 5th

  •   Adult Afternoon Laps 2:30-3:30pm
  •   Hrs: 3:30-7pm (No Parties)

Thursday, Sept 6th

  •   Adult Afternoon Laps 2:30-3:30pm
  •   Hrs: 3:30-7pm (No Parties)

Friday, Sept 7th

  •   Adult Afternoon Laps 2:30-3:30pm
  •   Hrs: 3:30-7pm (No Parties)

Saturday, Sept 8th

  •   Hrs: 12-7pm

Sunday, Sept 9th

  •   Adult Lap Swim 11am-Noon
  •   Hrs: 12-7pm 

Monday, Sept 10th

  •   Adult Afternoon Laps 2:30-3:30pm
  •   Hrs: 3:30-7pm (No Parties)

Tuesday, Sept 11th

  •   Adult Afternoon Laps 2:30-3:30pm
  •   Hrs: 3:30-7pm (No Parties)

Wednesday, Sept 12th

  •   Adult Afternoon Laps 2:30-3:30pm
  •   Hrs: 3:30-7pm (No Parties)

Thursday, Sept 13th

  •   Adult Afternoon Laps 2:30-3:30pm
  •   Hrs: 3:30-7pm (No Parties)

Friday, Sept 14th

  •   Adult Afternoon Laps 2:30-3:30pm
  •   Hrs: 3:30-7pm (No Parties)

Saturday, Sept 15th

  •   Hrs: 12-7pm (Member Only Weekend)

Sunday, Sept 16th

  •   Adult Lap Swim 11am-Noon
  •   Hrs: 12-5pm (Member Only Weekend)