A wonderful week at WW…

From the manager…

A nice week on tap here at WW.  No home meets, no big events, just more sunny days ahead…  Enjoy it!

Next week things get a little more crazy as we host Girls’ Prelims on Monday.  Other than EMLS that day the pool will not be open.  So make note of that.

Speaking of Girls’ Prelims, we’re still looking for volunteers! Now we’re known league wide for running really great meets here and one of the biggest factors in that has been all of the many hours our volunteers put into helping pull these things off.  That being said, there are still many jobs to fill from helping direct parking to selling at concessions so if you’ve got a couple of hours on Monday the 24th, sign up when you are at the pool this week, or send Cindy Katz an email and she’ll put you down.

One thing I want everyone to be aware of is that because of prelims we will gradually be lowering the pool temp over this coming weekend. We’d like to have the pool temp around 78 degrees at the meet start time, which is considerably lower than our usual 84. So be aware, the water will most certainly be a little more refreshing than usual starting on Friday.

See you at the pool!


Looking ahead…

  • Member Registration for Lesson Session 3 will be on Wednesday starting at 8:30am – note, competitive stroke will not be offered.
  • The pool will be closed for Girls’ Prelims on Monday, July 24th.
  • Swim Team Awards night – Wednesday, August 2nd
  • There will be a senior member dessert potluck – 7pm, Wednesday, August 9th.
  • The Watershow – Saturday, August 19th



Family Swim 
Family Swim weekdays from 5:30-7:00pm.  This is a quieter time at the club, perfect for families with small children.  Keep in mind that those swimmers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult family member during the Family Swim time.

Teen Swim
Teen Swim is daily after 7pm. Teen members can bring in up to 3 guests for $2.50 per guest.  These do not count against the guest allotment.

Water Aerobics 
Aerobics Schedule: M, W, F from 12-12:45pm and on T, Th from 8-8:45am.

Adult Swim Team
Meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-9pm. 

Monday, July 17th

  •   EMLS 6-7am
  •   Aerobics 12-12:45pm
  •   Hrs: 1-9pm
  •   Adult Team 8-9pm 

Tuesday, July 18th

  •   EMLS 6-7am
  •   Aerobics 8-8:45am
  •   Pool Hrs: 1-9pm
  •   Away Meet @ View Ridge, warm-up 5:25

Wednesday, July 19th

  •   EMLS 6-7am
  •   Lesson Member Registration – 8:30am
  •   Aerobics 12-12:45pm
  •   Hrs: 1-9pm
  •   Adult Team 8-9pm 

Thursday, July 20th

  •   EMLS 6-7am
  •   Aerobics 8-8:45am
  •   Hrs: 1-9pm

Friday, July 21st

  •   EMLS 6-7am
  •   B Champs @ Klahya, warm-up 8:15am
  •   Aerobics 12-12:45pm
  •   Hrs: 1-9pm

Saturday, July 22nd

  •   Hrs: 12-9pm (cool pool)

Sunday, July 23rd

  •   Hrs: 12-9pm (cold pool)

Monday, July 24th

  •   EMLS 6-7am (brrrr!)
  •   Pool Closed – Girls’ Prelims, WW warm-up 2:30pm