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Summer’s Last Stand?

From the manager

I have a whole new respect for what school districts go through now when it snows out. Continually monitoring the weather and having to make programming decisions takes significantly more mental effort than I thought it would. Strange days indeed!

Last week I said things were starting to wind down at the pool, how prophetic was that? While summer seems to have packed up and left, we still have one week of full time operations, baring of course any more smoke related schedule changes. The forecast unfortunately is looking like more of the same, so it’s likely going to be wait and see again for a while.

Now I know that this week is going be a little more challenging for me with keeping everyone updated as I will be heading to southern California to drop off my daughter at college. While I’ll still be able to monitor things from afar, I won’t have immediate access to, or likely be able to update the pool web page, or send out emails Wednesday or Thursday. I should however be able to update the club Facebook page while on the road as it’s way less complicated and can be done mobily. So if you don’t already follow the page, click here Wedgwood Swim Club, or search for the Wedgwood Swim Club Facebook Page, then like the page so you can stay in the loop.

Remember this week we are set to be hosting the SSSL Water Polo Championships on Thursday, August 30th. The pool will be closing early at 3:30 on the 30th.

Early Morning Lap Swim will wrap up for the season this Friday, August 31st. Also please remember that the Roosevelt Women’s Swim Team is scheduled to be holding practice Monday through Friday at 7:30am. Be prepared for a few more people coming in right about the time this lap swim ends.

Aerobics will is scheduled to run Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week form 12:30-1:15pm. Friday will be the last day of Aerobics this season.

Labor Day is really right around the corner now. Our annual Biathlon will be at 9:30am with warm-up starting at 9.  Ping Pong Tournament at Noon – just come and play. The pool will be open from 12-7pm. Games galore will be from 2:30-3:30, and we’ll also have the BeanFish food truck onsite from 2-5:30pm… yum!  

We had joy, we had fun, we had a season full of sun, but then the smoke did appear, now the skies are not so clear…


Monday, Aug 27th

  •   Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7:30am
  •    Aerobics 12:30-1:15pm
  •   Hrs: 1:15-9pm
  •   Family Swim 5:30-7pm
  •   Teen Swim 7-9pm

Tuesday, Aug 28th

  •   Early Morning Lap Swim 6-7:30am
  •   Hrs: 1:15-9pm 
  •   Family Swim 5:30-7pm
  •   Teen Swim 7-9pm

Wednesday, Aug 29th

  •   Early Morning Laps 6-7:30am
  •   Aerobics 12:30-1:15pm
  •   Hrs: 1:15-9pm
  •   Family Swim 5:30-7pm
  •   Teen Swim 7-9pm

Thursday, Aug 30th

  •   Early Morning Laps 6-7:30am
  •   Hrs: 1:15-3:30pm
  •   Water Polo Championships

Friday, August 31st

  •   Early Morning Laps 6-7:30am (Last EMLS)
  •   Aerobics 12:30-1:15pm (last one of the season)
  •   Hrs: 1:15-9pm
  •   Family Swim 5:30-7
  •   Teen Swim 7-9pm

Saturday, September 1st

  •   Hrs: 12-9pm

Sunday, September 2nd

  •   Adult Lap Swim 11am-Noon
  •   Hrs: 12-9pm 

Monday, September 3rd

  •   Biathlon 9:30am, warm-up 9am
  •   Ping Pong Tourney @ Noon
  •   Pool Open 12-7pm / No Parties
  •   Games Galor 2:30-3:30pm
  •   BeanFish Food Truck 2-5:30pm

Smoke Smoke Go AWAY!

Saturday Update: 11:05am

All morning I have monitoring the numbers and they have remained pretty much unchanged. The AQI – air quality index is indicating that we are pushing the upper part of the unhealthy for sensitive groups.  At this point I know we’ve had so much cancelled pool time I really would like to be open, but I think it’s better at this point if we delay opening a bit today.  We’re shooting for opening at 2pm, however if the conditions warrant, opening may be further delayed.  

So, unless you hear otherwise we’ll be open at 2pm.


What About Thursday?

We are all anxiously playing the waiting game now… when will this end?! That is the question, and the answer is about as clear as the view off of my deck has been for the last 3 days.
At this point in the evening I need to start making decisions about at least the first part of the day tomorrow. Based on my best educated guesstimate I am cancelling both EMLS and Aerobics tomorrow morning, Thursday, August 23rd.
The decision on lessons and polo will come in the morning about 7am.
As far as open hours go tomorrow I’m extremely hopeful that I will be able to send some good news your way around noon.

And now for Wednesday, August 22nd…

First off I would like to say that I appreciate the positive feedback and support I have received regarding this unprecedented situation. It’s not been fun for any of us for sure… Thank you.

Sadly, Early Morning Lap Swim is again cancelled tomorrow, Wednesday, August 22nd.

A decision on Lessons, Aerobics and Polo will be posted on Facebook and here around 7am tomorrow.

Please check Facebook or back here for another update around noon regarding open swim tomorrow.

Now go out and throw a rock 

Update – Pool Closed Today – Mon 8/20

Probably not a big surprise but the pool will be closed today.

This morning after checking the three closest monitoring stations to the pool we went ahead with lessons as the air quality was still in the moderate range. Since that time one of those stations has remained about the same, another is showing deteriorating air quality, and the closest station actually is now offline. This station is now online and air quality has dramatically worsened.

With the forecast for things to possibly, if not likely, get worse over the course of the day, and the staff already feeling the effects of being outside during lessons this morning, I feel it’s the right thing to be doing.

We will continue to monitor things and be making a determination on what the plan will be on Tuesday as soon as possibly feasible.

Stay tuned…